One more thing a forest analogy works for


I stand among the trees in a forest and crouch down among the moss and leaves and grass and examine the tree trunk. I compare and contrast its ridges, roots, and holes with the other trees around it. I wonder why this tree has more holes than the one over there, is it more homey feeling inside? Is it warmer in the winter? Does it have more substantial nutrients deep inside it’s trunk? Why does this tree have moss growing farther up the trunk than that tree over there? Why is this tree taller than the rest?

I exit the forest and take one last look as we leave. Its a scene of perfection. The tree tops blend with each other, complimentary down to the very last branch and leaf. The taller trunks, the ones that were so full of holes, seem firmer from a distance, as if they are actually protecting the smaller, younger, trees. The grass and leaves I assumed were dead, have become a colorful quilt of warmth and fertilizer.


Tyler towers over his brothers, in both size and brain. He knows this and up close he seems to be rubbing it in. Answering questions almost before they can be asked, spouting facts stored in his hi speed search engine of a brain, and experiencing all of life’s privileges before anyone else.


I stand in the other room hearing only the occasional remark on what exactly needs to be done right this very second. Any why it cannot wait and why you just have to do it right-this-very-second. All in a logical list with an edge in Tyler’s voice that means I just don’t understand why you can’t get what I am saying.   I know he is speaking to Isaac.

From my distance, it’s beautiful. The sharing of ideas and points of views in a way that makes complete sense- to them. I can hear the voices rise and fall with each attempt at a compromise. I can hear the scuffling when one feels ignored, and quick- the voices grow louder. Then they grow softer. Sometimes abruptly as they go their seperate ways for a while. And sometimes slowly as they reach a compromise and soon, I can hear playful, laughing, voices.

Each moment they come together, they grow together. The roots of friendship mix with roots of brotherhood and their foundation becomes stronger.

Sometimes a little distance is all you need to see more clearly.

I’m linking up for the very first time today with Bigger Picture Blogs! Every week they come together and write about the Bigger Picture. This week we’re linking up at Peanut Butter in my Hair.

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  1. So, I am THRILLED to be reading YOU again, just so you know… :)

    And this: “The roots of friendship mix with roots of brotherhood and their foundation becomes stronger.” Love it! With my three boys, I know exactly what you’re talking about here, and I pray that as they get older, they’ll continue the healthy cycle of distancing themselves and returning once more to enjoy those roots God blessed them with.

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